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Beginners Golf Sets and clubs

Golf is one of the popular sports on the planet and is enjoyed people of all ages. Golf is great fun to play, good exercise and a very social sport. To many golf becomes a lifestyle with as much time each week being spent on the 19th hole as the rest of the course.

Many people would assume that golf is an expensive sport to start. I have seen many guys spend a lot of money on clubs and equipment as a beginner only to decide the sport is not for them or that the expensive clubs do not suit their style of play as they become better players. I think golf is a fantastic sport and would encourage everyone to give it go, but it does require patience! Even the most seasoned of golfers get a bit frustrated every now and again.

I am writing this to try and encourage beginner golfers to not be put off by the illusion of it being expensive or waste money on equipment that will be a little value to them.

The first thing to say is that you don’t need to start off with a complete set. You can get a great feel for the sport and start to develop as a beginner golfer with just a half set. This gives you the opportunity to see what you need moving forward and as you add to your set you will have a better idea of what clubs will add most to your game and ultimately your enjoyment of the sport. In a half set you will want as a minimum a putter (a mallet putter is best), a utility club, a couple of woods, a 7 iron or similar and a pitching wedge.

Some people recommend getting second clubs to save on the cost but I am not sure this is good idea for everyone. Golf clubs vary immensely as do styles of play so as a beginner you could end up buying a set of clubs that a designed for a more accomplished golfer. This would make the game harder to learn but also could end up being a waste of money, even if they seem cheap at the outset.

Beginner golf sets are the best option in terms of usability and cost and will include golf clubs with features designed for people starting out, not Tiger Woods.

A suitable driver and fairway Iron for beginners

When choosing a club for distance such as beginner’s drivers and fairway irons the most important feature is forgiveness. You want to choose clubs with as big a head size as is legally permissible. You are looking for the maximum sweet spot so that off centre hits are limited and you are given as much help as possible to keep your shot straight and long. Beginners will want some flexibility in the shaft, so a regular graphite shaft will be a great choice for your first set of clubs.

A suitable putter for beginners 


When looking for a suitable putter you should try to get a mallet putter with alignment aids built in. This helps greatly with your putting and building confidence in the early days. A good beginners club for putting will have a nice balance and offer good distance control. It can be frustrating in the early days to over shoot a nicely lined up shot by a mile and end up further than you started.

A suitable utility club for beginners 

Firstly a utility club, also known as a hybrid, is a club which aims to be easy to hit by combining the features of a fairway wood and a long iron. Most beginners will use this club a lot and it worth making sure you have designed specifically for beginners. These clubs should provide the distance you would expect from a wood with higher loft and elevation. This gives you distance, height and a soft landing. Many accomplished golfers and beginners alike prefer a good utility club to 3 or 4 irons. This is a great strategy for beginners. Many utility clubs offer features such as rails on the bottom or rounded souls which help in various lies, but for your first utility club I would recommend a reasonably priced all round club that you will get a lot of use out of and become comfortable with.

Suitable Irons for beginners 

Beginner golfers would benefit massively from cavity backed irons which place the weight low and deep in the club face which helps to create a bigger sweet spot for a more forgiving club. The cavity back also helps to reduce the centre of gravity making it easier to get the ball in the air. More advanced golfers often opt for blade headed irons which do not offer this level of forgiveness but are not as suitable for beginner golfers.

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Tips for starting up Golf

You wouldn’t dream of stepping into a car and driving down the road without first having lessons would you? The same thing applies to golf, golf is one of those sports that takes a day to learn but a lifetime to master and if you are considering getting into golf going to your local driving range and getting a few small 30minute lessons will really benefit you in the long run. Starting a sport that is entirely based on good habits and technique, it is essential that you iron out any bad habits from the outset or it will take years to correct later on.

That being said, simply picking up a driver and smashing balls aimlessly down a field may be a blast but this isn’t giving you an accurate representation of what the sport is like a compete item, golf is very much a gentlemen’s sport and doesn’t cater to the hot headed brute who can smash a ball 300yards, you may have an advantage on the fairway but eventually when you do come to a bunker, or need to make those long game changing puts, you’re going to struggle.

Invest in a decent set of clubs, now this doesn’t mean go out and buy the most expensive set available, we mean buy a set that tailors to an average playing style while you find your feet and see where your strong and weak points are. Also it is invaluable, once you have found and bought a set to take them into your local pro shop to get them fitted to your height and build, if your clubs are even ¼ of an inch too long this will means your shots will be incredibly inaccurate and you’ll have to compensate for the wrong club size by deforming your swing leading to (yep, you guessed it!) poor form and bad habits.

Golf can be a doubled edged sword and many new comers don’t understand that golf really is a sport that takes a long time to get even to a decent level, natural talent is important but not as important as taking the time to learn the mechanics involved and how to adapt your playing style to the hundreds of scenarios you will encounter. Most new players sometimes last less than a month with the sport as they quickly become frustrated with this seemingly impossible sport… but don’t fret we encourage you to stick with it, relax and enjoy the scenery before even stepping in front of that tiny little devil they call a golf ball.

ACER - XP Hybrid 3 Iron - right hand gents regular graphite shaft Golf Club

ACER – XP Hybrid 3 Iron – right hand gents regular graphite shaft Golf Club

When you have all of the above nailed it’s time to start practising, to being with you will only need to focus on three clubs, the 7 iron, sand wedge and putter. Don’t even think about touching those appealing looking sledgehammers of drivers as they are the hardest clubs to hit correctly as so much can affect a good driver shot. Go to your local ‘pitch and put’ to get into making shorter more accurate shots which a lot of golfers neglect as these will e the shots you will have to make more often, just think about it. You only need to make 18 driver shots… sometimes less if there are enough par 3’s on a course, whereas you will need to make 2 or 3 middle length shots per hole so learning how to make these shots will be far more beneficial to you in the long run.Take your time and take baby steps when playing golf. Give it a year and you’ll be playing with the best of them.

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