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Golf has its origins in Scotland in the 15th century where golfers would walk around the beach hitting a pebble between sand dunes with a stick. Although this is long way from the beauty and glamor of St. Andrew and the sport has of course moved a long way in terms of technology. Golf continued in this guise until 1750 when it evolved into a sport more familiar to golf we play today.

In 1774 the first set of rules was written by a group of golfers from Edinburgh. During this time there was lots of experimentation with balls, with even things like leather bags filled with feathers being tried, yes you guessed it this ball did not fly far.

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Tips for starting up Golf

You wouldn’t dream of stepping into a car and driving down the road without first having lessons would you? The same thing applies to golf, golf is one of those sports that takes a day to learn but a lifetime to master and if you are considering getting into golf going to your local driving range and getting a few small 30minute lessons will really benefit you in the long run. Starting a sport that is entirely based on good habits and technique, it is essential that you iron out any bad habits from the outset or it will take years to correct later on.

That being said, simply picking up a driver and smashing balls aimlessly down a field may be a blast but this isn’t giving you an accurate representation of what the sport is like a compete item, golf is very much a gentlemen’s sport and doesn’t cater to the hot headed brute who can smash a ball 300yards, you may have an advantage on the fairway but eventually when you do come to a bunker, or need to make those long game changing puts, you’re going to struggle.

Invest in a decent set of clubs, now this doesn’t mean go out and buy the most expensive set available, we mean buy a set that tailors to an average playing style while you find your feet and see where your strong and weak points are. Also it is invaluable, once you have found and bought a set to take them into your local pro shop to get them fitted to your height and build, if your clubs are even ¼ of an inch too long this will means your shots will be incredibly inaccurate and you’ll have to compensate for the wrong club size by deforming your swing leading to (yep, you guessed it!) poor form and bad habits.

Golf can be a doubled edged sword and many new comers don’t understand that golf really is a sport that takes a long time to get even to a decent level, natural talent is important but not as important as taking the time to learn the mechanics involved and how to adapt your playing style to the hundreds of scenarios you will encounter. Most new players sometimes last less than a month with the sport as they quickly become frustrated with this seemingly impossible sport… but don’t fret we encourage you to stick with it, relax and enjoy the scenery before even stepping in front of that tiny little devil they call a golf ball.

ACER - XP Hybrid 3 Iron - right hand gents regular graphite shaft Golf Club

ACER – XP Hybrid 3 Iron – right hand gents regular graphite shaft Golf Club

When you have all of the above nailed it’s time to start practising, to being with you will only need to focus on three clubs, the 7 iron, sand wedge and putter. Don’t even think about touching those appealing looking sledgehammers of drivers as they are the hardest clubs to hit correctly as so much can affect a good driver shot. Go to your local ‘pitch and put’ to get into making shorter more accurate shots which a lot of golfers neglect as these will e the shots you will have to make more often, just think about it. You only need to make 18 driver shots… sometimes less if there are enough par 3’s on a course, whereas you will need to make 2 or 3 middle length shots per hole so learning how to make these shots will be far more beneficial to you in the long run.Take your time and take baby steps when playing golf. Give it a year and you’ll be playing with the best of them.

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Golf is one the most popular and financially affordable sports. Golf is not anymore only “American thing”. Recent success of UK and European golfers brought new wave of a golf trend.  The UK has some of the best golf courses in the world and government supports a development of young golfers. Modern game of golf was originated in 15th century in Scotland and as a celebration of that the biggest golf tournament Ryder Cup is coming back home in 2014. There is a chance for your kid to be a next golf superstar. Everyone is looking up to Tiger, Rory or Annika.

Golf not only keeps your children fit, healthy and active, but it also builds their confidence and social skills. Less active children are more like to be overweight and possibly develop diabetes or heart disease in later life. Active places website lists 50,000 sport facilities, including golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, ice rinks, athletic tracks, football pitches, even ski slopes. There are hundreds of golf facilities all over England. In Scotland the Scottish Golf junior development centers offer 30 hours of golf coaching with additional non-technical coaching. In Wales junior golf development is working closely with golf clubs to help train volunteers.

Golf is one of the most popular sports. The future of this great game rests with the young golfers of today and golf clubs play vital role in nurturing those young people both as individuals as well as golfers. There are many of opportunities for your children to have fun and learn in a safe environment. Most of the companies do weekly lessons, one hour long, with PGA qualified instructors (some of them for free). It is not only learning step-by-step basics of golf, but also to learn the rules and importantly etiquette. UK kids golf – local kid’s golf competition during summer and “Skillz Master Challenge” during the winter months across UK with National Grand Final. Open for boys and girls 6 – 13 years old, young golfers all abilities.

Golf course is the perfect place to unwind, relax and enjoy time well spends with family. In some places you don`t need to be a member to enjoy the facilities.


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